Our Generation Summit

On December 31 – January 2, 2010,  the Our Generation Summit will take place in Pigeon Forge, TN.  It is a missions-centered winter retreat for Christians with a heart for world missions.  Pastors and missionaries, teachers and students, businessmen and families join for three days to address the needs of a world waiting for the Gospel.

Located once again at the beautiful Music Road Hotel in the center of action-packed Pigeon Forge, the OG Summit provides a fantastic venue for any church or youth group seeking an easy-to-organize winter retreat filled with excitement and passion for Christ.

The theme this year is “Equip for Battle”.  You will hear from my pastor Austin Gardner, who is undoubtably one of the greatest speakers on missions today.  Also you will here from the following missionaries and church planters:

  • Philip Bassham – Kyrgystan
  • Bro. Aaron – North Africa
  • Mark Coffey – Representative for Peru Baptist College
  • Trent Cornwell – Student Mobilizer,    Student Pastor Vision Baptist Church
  • Wayne Cooke – Missions Advocate, Assistant to the Pastor at Vision Baptist Church
  • Kevin Hall – South Africa
  • John Pearson – Businessmen Committed to World Evangelism
  • Tyler Masters – Spain & North Africa
  • Travis Snode – Ireland & United Kingdom
  • Mark Tolson – China
  • Ronald Tubillas – United States
  • Jeff Bush – Argentina
  • Jeremy Hall – Peru
  • Tony Howeth – Macedonia World Baptist Missions
  • Keith Shumaker – Burkina Faso
  • Bro. Jake – China
  • Jason Holt – Chile

If you want to get your youth group or church fired up to serve God and reach the world, then this is the meeting to bring them to.

The costs is $50 for your lodging and $50 for the conference, but there are some significant group discounts available

*If you register by October 15, 2009…

  • A group of 10 will get: $50 off 1 leader’s price and $15 off each group member’s price!
  • A group of 20 will get: 1 Leader goes FREE and $20 off each group member’s price!
  • A group of 30 will get: 2 Leaders go FREE and $25 off each group member’s price
  • A group of 40 ore more will get: 3 Leaders go FREE, (1 Leader goes FREE for every 10 people in the group above 40), and $30 off each group member’s price.

If you register by November 1, 2009…

  • You will get $15 off for the early bird discount.

If you register by December 5, 2009…

  • You will can get the college student discount of $30 off.

* Groups must all register and pay the $50/person non-refundable deposit at one time to qualify for the discount.  Only one discount can apply per person.  (i.e. You cannot qualify for both a group discount and a student discount.)

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