Peru Bible College

This just came out on Jeremy Hall’s Blog.  I wanted to ask you to pray about this exciting ministry and pressing need, as well as consider making a regular contribution toward the work of the Peru Bible College.  My family and I have been supporting the Bible College for several years now, and we could not think of a greater place to invest our money.

One of the major goals that God has given me for my ministry is the Peru Bible College. The Bible College has been used of God to start literally dozens of churches around South America and now the graduates are going to the world.  It is a great church-planting ministry.

For the last two years a businessman has helped cover the cost of housing, feeding, and training of over 100 students including entire families from Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia.  It is time that we step up in raising this support.  Our dear brother has given to the tune of $6,000 to $8,000 a month for over two years now.

He did this to help us continue the ministry after Austin Gardner left the field to pastor in the US.  This kind brother will continue to help us but will begin cutting the support $500 a month until we are carrying the load we should be carrying.

I would like to ask you to consider supporting the Bible college as a part of your mission’s budget.  I would love to come by and present the ministry in your church or you can invite Chris Gardner who is actually in charge of the ministry.

There is no greater place that you could put your money to get more return than the Peru Bible College.  From there we are training men to take the gospel to the world.  Also we will be starting to reach the rural areas of the country through the circuit-riding ministry that David Gardner is starting.  But all this is possible only with trained men that can do the ministry.  Again it all comes back to the Bible College.  Will you please pray about helping us? No amount is to small. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

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