The Strength of a Church

The following post was written by Pastor Austin Gardner from Vision Baptist Church. Vision is our sending church, and thought it was a tremendous attitude that all of us would do well to imitate in our ministries.

The strength of a church

The measure of the strength of a church is found more in its sending capacity than its seating capacity.

God is not as interested in how many we can gather together as in how many we can send out!

As I thought of what God is doing here at Vision and prayed for you and our church I thought about what He has done for us.

We average about 135 in our services on Sunday morning. That is not very impressive at all.

But what God has done for us that is so special is how He has allowed us to be a missionary sending church.

Tomorrow morning while somewhere between 115 and 135 gather together we will have 23 members out doing missionary work around the world. The Ronald Tubillas family along with others from our church will go to Norcross in the afternoon to do a Spanish ministry at Trinity Hills Baptist Church.

That means that about 17% of our attendance will be somewhere preaching and serving God.

That includes

Mark Coffey family 6 people will be in Alabama presenting the Peru Bible College!
Chris Gardner family 5 people in Lima, Peru doing a medical clinic!
David Gardner family 2 people in Lima, Peru doing a medical clinic!
Tyler Masters family 3 people in Tennessee presenting the ministry of North Africa!
Travis Snode family 4 people in Northern Ireland!
Mark Tolson family 3 people in Florida presenting his ministry to a creative access country!

God has been good to us and we are asking Him for much more. I want Him to give us 100 member families as missionaries to carry the gospel around the world in the next 10 years.

I am also asking Him for 100 families to start church across the USA in the next 10 years. I hope you will join me in prayer.

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