Untold Millions…Still Untold

I just read this on my friend Aaron’s blog.  I hope that you will read his heart from North Africa.  Please pray for them and please ask God to send forth labourers.

This fact may be old to you as you have heard sermons and quotes centered on this tragic fact that the “untold millions remain ontold”. It doesn’t grow old to me, however, because every day I meet the untold.

Last week I shared the gospel with three taxi drivers each had never heard the name “Yasua” (Jesus) only his name in the Koran Aisa. They had never heard his real story and they had never held a Bible. I shared the gospel with Sufian’s brother in their village on Monday and asked when I finished, “Have you ever heard anything like that before?” “Never” was his quick response.

Today I and my three friends went out witnessing. I sat down on a bench in front of a mosque and a bus loading with pilgrims to Mecca. As I shared the Gospel with two brothers from the enterior I asked if either of them had ever read the Injeel. Of course not! They had never even seen one. I gave them mine before I left them. They were enamored with it looking at it saying, “All this is in the Koran!?” (This is what they have always heard but they quickly realized the Bible they were holding is five times larger than the Koran!)

How can we expect that there be many believers in a place where most have never met a Christian, never held a Bible, and never heard Jesus’ real name and story? How many of God’s servants will continue to refuse to follow his commission while they continue mumbling the Gospel to each other while millions have never heard once? I hope my heart never stop breaking as I continue to meet those who have never heard.

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