A City Where the Lord Is – Eze 48

In contrast to the destruction of Jerusalem and the departure of the Lord (Ezekiel 10-11), the final chapters of Ezekiel promise a place of hope, order, beauty, and ultimately the Lord’s presence.

In Ezekiel 48, we read of all the tribes having a new portion in the promised land. We read of the city of Jerusalem being in the middle of the land. We read of everything having careful dimensions and being laid out very orderly. We read of twelve gates – one for all the tribes. And the chapter and book end by saying that “the name of the city from that day shall be, The LORD is there.”

How amazing that God would come down again to dwell amongst His people, to fulfill His promises to Israel, to establish His kingdom on earth. Jesus is the true King. He is the One we are all waiting on. Just as He came the first time and fulfilled on the promises, we look forward to Him coming the second time and fulfilling all these promises as well!

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