A Sword Is Sharpened – Eze 21

Ezekiel 21 describes the sharpening, polishing, and preparing of God’s sword for judgment. He wants the people of Jerusalem to know that judgment is certain, that no one will escape, no matter how good or bad they may think they are.

God direct Nebuchadnezzar in such a way that he will punish all who rebel against the Lord. God says that those of Jerusalem and Ammon will be “fuel to the fire” and “no more remembered; for I the Lord have spoken it” (v.32).

Just as a day of judgment came on Jerusalem, so a day of death and judgment is coming for all of us. God’s spirit will not always strive with man. God’s day of salvation will not continue forever. One day, it will be too late. Those who do not repent, will die and stand before God to be judged for their sin.

May the reality of judgment cause us all to wake up. May no sinner be deceived into thinking that he or she will escape. May no Christian ignore the awful reality of sinners on their way to the lake of fire. The sword will come and all those without Christ will perish.

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