All Will Know the LORD – Eze 30

God, who created the world, wants all people everywhere to know Him and love Him. He makes His eternal power and Godhead obvious in creation (Rom 1:20). He created man in His own image (Gen 1:27) and put within him a conscience that bears witness to God’s moral standards.

When mankind did not respond to the knowledge of God in creation and in their conscience, He began a new nation with Abraham – the Israelites. They were to be a kingdom of priests, a nation and eventually a city where the presence of God dwelt in the world. All people were to see God’s blessings on Israel and come to know and love Israel’s God.

Unfortunately, God’s repeated efforts to reveal Himself as the Lord to all people did not work. So, then God revealed Himself as Judge. His judgment on Egypt and her allies described in Ezekiel 30 was for the purpose of making them know that He is the Lord (v.8,19,25,26).

The lesson for us is that one day we will know who is the true Lord and God. We can willingly open our eyes to the truth all around us and within us, or we can wait until God forcible humbles us under His righteousness judgment.

One day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Rom 14:11). Will you bow today and be saved? Or will you bow under judgment and be lost for eternity?

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