And God – Genesis 1

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.’ — Genesis 1:3

It’s amazing to watch a painter like Bob Ross transform a blank canvas into a work of art. His skill makes the work seem easy, yet we know it’s far from easy.

Even more amazing is it to read of God creating the heaven and the earth. He makes it all out of nothing. He brings order to a formless watery void. He moves. He speaks. He sees. He calls. He makes. 

A million times more skilful and creative than a potter on the wheel, a magician on the stage, or a painter in the studio, God is the master craftsman. He has the ability to speak things into existence. As soon as He does, He sees that it is exactly what He wants and later will pronounce it all as good. 

He gives everything the exact and perfect name. He is able to name everything and to establish the purpose of everything because He is God, the “Elohim”, the all-powerful God.

He also blesses. He blessed the creatures on the earth and He blesses man. He created the world for blessing and provision. No doubt, His purpose in all this goodness and greatness was to inspire worship in mankind.

What a great God. What a glorious Creator. Just as we read, “And God said…saw…called…made…” let us consider that God can do anything He wants. There are no limits God. He created all He wanted. “And God” can work in and through our lives for His glory!

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