Ask Ye Of the Lord – Zech 10

Ask ye of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain; So the Lord shall make bright clouds, And give them showers of rain, To every one grass in the field.” — Zechariah 10:1  

At a time when our church is praying more than it ever has for something, this first phrase was such a blessing, “Ask ye of the Lord.” Here is a clear command of the Lord to ask him to work in a way that will bring Him great glory.

Then God goes on to talk about all that He will do for Israel in the future when they pray to Him:

  • He will give showers of rain and blessing (v.1).
  • He will take away the false shepherds and visit his flock of people personally (v.2-3).
  • He will be the cornerstone, the nail (tent-peg), the battle bow, and the ruler (v.4).
  • He will make His people as mighty men (v.5).
  • He will strengthen his people, bring them again into their place, and have mercy on them (v.6).
  • He will make His people rejoice in the Lord (v.7).
  • He will regather and redeem His people (v.8-10).
  • He will defeat all that rise up (v.11).
  • He will strengthen His people and they will walk up and down in His name (v.12).

This chapter shows Israel that God wants to work powerfully and mighty for them and God will work in a great way for them. But He wants them to ask. He wants them to pray. And when they pray He will answer.

May God help us to ask as well. We serve a God who delights to hear and answer our prayers. And when we pray, we can be confident that He will work mightily!

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