At Least I’ll Be Okay – Isa 39

Overall King Hezekiah was a decent king. He certainly trusted the Lord more than many of the kings of his day. But he made some serious mistakes. He didn’t accept God limiting his life (Isa 38). He also got lifted up in pride (Isa 39).

When messengers from Babylon came to visit him, he showed them all the wealth of his kingdom. No doubt, he enjoyed impressing the visitors with everything he had.

But God was not impressed. He sent Isaiah to tell him that ,one day, Babylon would come and take away all the wealth of Jerusalem and his sons would serve in their courts.

This was surely a shocking and frightening prospect! But what is even more surprising is how Hezekiah responded. He basically said, ‘The Lord’s word is good, but at least there will be peace and truth in my days’ (v.8).

He wasn’t concerned about the future of his people. He was happy that at least during his lifetime there would be peace and truth. How selfish and foolish!

I think that we often have the same short-term perspective. We aren’t too concerned about the future, about others. We just want to have our nice little peaceful life.

It doesn’t bother us much to think about the billions who are still in spiritual darkness. We just want to enjoy the here and the now. Too bad about everyone else!

May God help us to lift up our eyes, to see the great need around us, and to do all we can to reach them with the gospel!

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