But There Is A God in Heaven – Dan 2

All of Babylon was upset. The king was upset because he had a dream that he didn’t understand. The “wise men” and kings counsellors were upset because they were going to die if they could not tell and interpret his dream. And of course, everyone else must have been affected by this event.

Enter Daniel. A young man of conviction and commitment to the Lord as well as unique God-given wisdom and abilities. He hears of the problem and gets alone with God and his three friends. They pray for mercy from God to know the dream and to be spared death.

God answers. Daniel goes before the king and lets him know that he knows the dream and the interpretation but his ability is not his own, it comes from God. He says, “No one else knows this thing, ‘but there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets’…!” Daniel proceeds to explain and interpret the dream. The King is appeased, the men are spared, and Daniel and his friends are promoted.

What a blessing to know that there is a God in heaven! A God who knows more than anyone else. A God who rules and reigns. A God who sets up and takes down kings. This God has truth and answers for men that no one else has. This God is looking for humble people who will speak for Him in this world as Daniel did. Let us be His people and His messengers to a world lost in chaos and confusion.

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