Can’t Quit – Jer 20

Angered by Jeremiah’s prophesies and preaching, Pashur beat Jeremiah and put him in stocks.

The next day, when he was released Jeremiah kept on prophesying. He told Pashur that the city would be taken and that that he and his family would be die in captivity. All Pashur’s friends who listened to his lies would also die with him.

Despite his courage, Jeremiah was very frustrated and hurt by how unresponsive the people were. Not only did they not listen, but they mocked him and sought to hurt him. His life was in great danger (v.7-8).

And so, he decided to quit. God had let him down, and now he would not talk about God any more or speak any more in God’s name.

But, Jeremiah just couldn’t quit. The Word of God in him was too powerful to keep silent (v.9). And the presence of God with Him was too powerful to deny (v.11). He went from suffering to singing (v.13).

And yet it would still be not easy and he would go through further times of great discouragement and despair (Read v.14-18).

If you feel like quitting, you are not alone. Many good people have and will. The only thing that will keep You going is God’s Word and God’s presence and power.

He does not always take away the problems and the persecution, but He does provide the power to keep going in the midst of the problems.

Let God’s Word and God’s Spirit stir you once again today. Be obedient to Him. Give out His Word, and find joy in the Lord.

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