Death Comes To All, So Make the Most of Life – Ecc 9:1-10

Another wise observation of Solomon is that all of us, no matter whether we are wise or wicked are in God’s hand (v.1). And we all face the same common fate – death. It comes on the righteous and the wicked, the good and the clean as well as the sinful and the unclean (v.2).

Solomon considered the reality of uncertain dead as an evil on this earth, causing many men to run after evil, madness, and folly (v.3). A living dog (most dishonourable) is better than a dead lion (most honourable) (v.4). The living is aware that death is coming and can do something about it, but the dead are forgotten and can no longer do anything (v.5) or feel anything (v.6).

The reality of uncertain death should not cause us to despair. Instead it should cause us to:

  1. Enjoy the life God gives (v.7-9) – food, drink, clothes, ointment, marriage.
  2. Work with all our might (v.10) – one day we will not be able to work for God any longer.

So, as you and I ponder our mortality and the fact that we could die at any moment, we who know God do not need to despair. We can thank God for each day, enjoy it, and live it for the honour and glory of God. That way when it comes our time to die, we won’t have regrets.

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