Destroying Yourself – Hosea 13

“O Israel, thou hast destroyed thyself; but in me is thine help.”

Hosea 13:9

Self-destruction is a sad thing to watch and an even sadder thing to endure. But that is what Israel was doing and what so many people do today. Notice how Israel was destroying herself in Hosea 13:

  • They were exalted but then brought about their own death through Baal worship (v.1).
  • Despite warnings of destruction, they sinned more and more (v.2).
  • They would pass away like fog, dew, chaff, and smoke (v.3).
  • They forgot the Lord God who delivered them from Egypt and led them through the wilderness (v.4-6).
  • Instead of saving them, the Lord would devour them like an angry female bear whose cubs have been taken away (v.7-8).
  • Israel had turned from the only One who could save them (9-11).
  • Their sin was bound up and would eventually destroy them all (v.12-13).
  • They would experience all the plagues and destruction of death (v.14).
  • Any previous fruitfulness would be taken away and all their treasures wiped out (v.15-16)

Most of humanity is on a similar path of self-destruction. When mankind worships other “gods”, ignores God’s warnings, and turns their backs on the only One who can save them, they will face the angry wrath of God and bring terrible destruction on them.

God does not want us to sin. He warns against sin. He loves us enough to warn us against that which will hurt us. But if we persist, we will destroy ourselves.

What sins are you engaging in that are destroying you? What warnings of God have you ignored? What goodnesses of God have you forgotten? If you and I turn our back on God, there is no one else who can save us!

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