Don’t Make the Same Mistakes – Zech 1

Zechariah prophesied to the remnant of Jews who were back in the land of Judah trying to rebuild the temple. After seventy years of exile, they were given another chance to serve the Lord and see Him bless them.

This opportunity came with responsibilities. They were now responsible to turn to the Lord, to listen to God’s Word, and to not doubt like their forefathers did (v.3-6).

This warning preceded a vision in which “the angel of the Lord” (a pre-incarnate appearance of God the Son) cries out for mercy on Jerusalem from those nations that oppressed them (v.12). God the Father response with words of comfort, expressing His jealousy for His people, His mercy, His plan to rebuild His temple, His plan to yet proper Israel, and to deal with those “horns” (nations) that scattered Judah (v.13-21).

The big lessons I take away from this are: 1) don’t make the same mistakes as others, and 2) God is very merciful and gracious. Judah had another chance, but it came down to their attitude toward God’s Word. God was more than willing to give them more grace and mercy, but their heart attitude was key.

How are we responding to another opportunity today? Do we receive the grace and mercy of God and use it to glorify Him? Or do we waste it and ignore God’s Word to us?

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