Encouraging Truths for the Afflicted Person – Ps 102

Psalm 102 is described as ‘A Prayer of the afflicted’. In v.1-11, we read the words of a person is crying out to God for immediate help. Suffering emotionally and physically, reproached by enemies, weeping continuously, this individual feels life is slipping away. But, then there is hope found in the Lord. The sufferer clings to several truths in his affliction:

  • The Lord endures for ever, no matter how frail life might seem (v.12).
  • The Lord will one day arise and show his mercy, no matter how much oppression one might feel (v.13).
  • The Lord will put His fear in the hearts of those who don’t know or respect Him (v.15).
  • The Lord is returning to building up His kingdom (v.16).
  • The Lord will regard the prayer of the destitute (v.17).
  • The Lord looks down and hears the groaning of the prisoner (v.19-20).
  • The Lord shall endure when all around may change (v.25-27).
  • The Lord will make his children to continue (v.28).

In our trouble, in our oppression, in our affliction, let us look to the Lord and remember these truths about Him. He is still in control. He still cares. And there is hope to be found in our eternal God.

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