From Burdened to Bounding – Hab 3

The end of Habakkuk is very different from the beginning. Habakkuk opens the book burdened, crying out, frustrated with the corruption he saw all around him and God’s lack of intervention. He closes the book awed to his core, resting in the day of trouble, rejoicing in the Lord alone, finding strength in the Lord, and able to go on with the strength and vitality of a deer.

What a transformation! And how amazing that his circumstances had not really changed and his immediate future still looked bleak. God had not promised to deliver him from present difficulties. He had actually revealed that things were going to get worse for his people in the immediate future. Yet, the revelation of God’s person and God’s plan for the long-term set Habakkuk at ease.

This book can teach us a great lesson. We live in a tumultuous world, a world that is broken, corrupt, and only going to get worse. The present and the immediate future will probably only get more chaotic and difficult. But we can have peace in the midst of the storms around us when we really understand what God is doing and ultimately who God is.

Just read Habakkuk 3 and let the awesome revelation of God’s power calm your heart. He is the God who can do all things. He is more powerful than the greatest thunderstorm, the most brilliant sunrise, the most thundering ocean. Tremble at His power, then rest in His grace and strength. He can lift you up and make you leap like a deer.

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