Get Ready for Blessing – Haggai 2:10-19

Once again God asks the people some questions and asks them to consider something. This time, he asks the priests if something holy can make other things holy. Then he asks if something unholy can make other things unholy. The lesson is that their worship has been defiled by their failure to seek first the Lord’s work 9v.10-14)

They delayed building God’s house and they suffered chastisement for it. They face damaged to their crops and lack of a fruitful harvest. Despite all these things happening to them, they still did not turn to the Lord (v.16-17).

He wanted them to consider and mark the time that had passed in which they had been doing their own thing and not enjoying God’s blessings. Then he wanted them to know that from this point when they began to rebuild the Lord’s temple that He was going to bless them.

We need to realize that living life for ourselves defiles us and renders all our worship corrupt. We need to realize that as long as we are seeking first our own kingdom we will not experience the blessings of God. We need to consider God’s chastening and start seeking first God’s kingdom. As we do, we will see the Lord bless us.

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