Go On Unto Perfection – Hebrews 6

Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection…‘ — Hebrews 6:1

The entire book of Hebrews is an exhortation to believers to grow up, to mature in the things of God, to keep believing the Word of God so that they may inherit the promised rewards of Christ’s coming kingdom. In Hebrews 6, we are challenged to ‘go on unto perfection (maturity)’.

So, how do we become more mature and inherit the promised rest and victory that God has for us:

  1. We have to proactively choose to build on the basic principles of Christ and start becoming more mature (v.1-3). This is an active choice we make as we listen to the Word of God. 
  2. We realise the danger of stagnation and immaturity (v.4-8). We cannot get saved all over again, but we can face the fires of God’s chastening in which He burns away the thorns and briers of our lives so that we might once again produce fruit (Heb 12:5-11). The language of these verses have been used to teach various things like losing your salvation, but the entire context indicates this is a discussion about fruitfulness and maturity among believers. 
  3. We listen to those who exhort us like the author of Hebrews and other preachers of the Word (v.9-15). They remind us of who we are in Christ, of the rewards that await our good works, of the need for diligence, and of other positive examples of perseverance in faith like Abraham.
  4. We anchor our faith in the unchanging Word of God and the work of Jesus Christ, the living Word of God (v.16-20). God’s promise to Abraham when He sware by Himself is a solid anchor for our hopes as well. We have God and we have His promise that will not and cannot change. We also have Christ our high priest who has gone before us. He shows us the way to live and to serve God, and He helps us follow in HIs steps.

How mature are you? Are you growing each day and gaining victory through application of God’s Word? Do you realise how dangerous stagnation and fruitlessness is in the life of a believer? Will you listen to those who exhort you? And will you anchor your hopes in the unchanging Word of God and work of Christ?

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