Go Unto the Altar (Leviticus 9)

Leviticus 9:7 And Moses said unto Aaron, Go unto the altar, and offer thy sin offering, and thy burnt offering, and make an atonement for thyself, and for the people: and offer the offering of the people, and make an atonement for them; as the Lord commanded.

87 times in the book of Leviticus, the altar is mentioned. It was the place where the sacrifices were offered and where atonement was made for the priests and the people. It was also the place where the fire of God came from the Lord and consumed the sacrifices (Lev 9:24). As a result of offering the acceptable offerings in the correct manner and with the right attitude, the glory of the Lord appeared to unto all the people (Lev 9:23).

The altar is no doubt emblematic of the cross, where Christ was offered once for all. His offering on the cross was the ultimate offering that was accepted by God, that atones for our sin, and through which we draw near to God and His glory is revealed to us.

Without the altar, there would have been no atonement. And without the cross, there is no peace with God, no fellowship with God, no reconciliation, and no glory. Thank you, for the cross, Lord!

Hebrews 10:10 “By the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.”

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