Good for Nothing? – Eze 15

Every person has unique intrinsic value because God made them in His image. As God’s image-bearers we are to reflect the glory and goodness of God in this world. Yet, sin came into the world and corrupts our lives. Left unchecked, Sin will poison everything about us, making us fit only for destruction.

That is the lesson of Ezekiel 15. Jerusalem was a city built for the honor and glory of God. They were to be a fruitful vine, bearing righteous fruit. But sin corrupted them, destroying any good fruit, and rendering them only fit for the fires of destruction.

As we consider God’s assessment of Jerusalem, may we consider our own lives. What fruit are we producing for the Lord? Are we living out the purpose for which He has created us? Are we giving Him the honor and glory that He deserves?

The only way for us to be truly fruitful is to believe on Christ and be united to Him. He, as the true vine, will produce fruit in and through us, as we abide in Him (John 15). Our ultimate purpose and fruitfulness come when we let Christ live in and through our lives.

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