Harden Not Your Heart – Ps 95

The greatness of God as our Lord, King, Maker, and Shepherd should inspire singing, praise, and belief not doubt, fear, and disobedience. That is what Psalm 95 is about. It begins with a call to come and sing to the Lord for all of His greatness. The only proper response to the greatness of our God is to worship and bow down, to kneel before the Lord.

Yet, the end of the Psalm (v.7-11) is a warning to learn from the mistakes of a previous generation of Israelites who heard the Lord’s voice and saw His great works. Instead of believing, they hardened their hearts, doubted the Lord, and put the Lord to the test. This is referring to when Israel was brought out of Egypt by God’s mighty power but then doubted the Lord’s ability to provide for them and bring them in to the promised land.

The failure was not due to God’s inability or lack of strength. Rather it was their hardness of heart. The mighty and power of God had ever reason to inspire faith and truth, yet they closed off their hearts, continued to doubt and ultimately disobeyed.

This is a challenge to us even today (Heb 3-4). As we see the power, the might, and the greatness of God, how we will we respond?

  • With hardness of heart, doubt, fear, and disobedience?
  • Or with singing, joyful praise, worship, faith, and obedience.

It will make all the difference to whether we flounder in fear and doubt or find rest in God and joy in His power.

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