I Will Look Unto the Lord – Micah 7

You really need to read Micah 7. It begins in despair but ends in fantastic hope. All around Micah are men and women intent on sin and corruption (v.1-3). There was no one that anyone could trust (v.4-6).

In the midst of that darkness, when there is no one that He can turn to for hope, He determines to look unto the Lord, to wait for the God of His salvation; He knows that His God will hear him (v.7).

He is confident that even if he falls, he knows that he and those who trust in the Lord will arise. The Lord will shine into their darkness.

This of course speaks of a glorious future for Israel when Jerusalem will be rebuilt and the people blessed (v.10-18).

He finished by saying, “Who is a God like unto thee.” A God who pardons, forgives, is not angry for ever, delights in mercy. A God who turns again, subdues sin, and cast sin behind our back, and performs His truth!

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