Jesus Is Greater Than – Matt 12

But I say unto you, That in this place is one greater than the temple.” — Matthew 12:6  

“…a greater than Jonas is here.” — Matthew 12:41  

“…a greater than Solomon is here.” — Matthew 12:42  

Three times in Matthew 12, Jesus makes the bold claim that He is greater than something or someone. When criticised by the Pharisees about their interpretation of Sabbath-keeping, He let them know that He is the Lord of the Sabbath and greater than the Temple (v.1-8). 

After the Pharisees ignored all the signs Jesus had done to clearly reveal that He is the Messiah, they asked him for another sign (v.38-45). He reminded them that the Ninevites repented at Jonah’s preaching and the Queen of Sheba was humbled by Solomon’s wisdom, but the people Jesus preached too were not impressed and did not repent even though one greater than Jonah or Solomon was there!

Jesus is truly greater than anyone or anything. He had no problem claiming and He certainly backs it up. One day He will return and every eye will see Him in all His glory. He will defeat all enemies with just His words, and He will rule and reign on this earth.

Who is Jesus to us? Do we see Him as greater than in our lives? Is He greater than our problems? Greater than our pressures? Greater than the approval of friends? Greater than the opinions of man? Greater than any false religion? He is greater than everything. May we live like that is true, trusting Him, serving Him, and honouring Him.

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