Jesus Looks Upon All Things – Mark 11

And Jesus entered into Jerusalem, and into the temple: and when he had looked round about upon all things, and now the eventide was come, he went out unto Bethany with the twelve.” — Mark 11:11

The attitude and approach of Jesus during His first coming is one which models grace and humility, but it is also one with obvious statements of authority. In Matthew 11, we see Jesus entering Jerusalem, expecting to use a man’s donkey and colt, entering the city with the admiration and praise of the people, and then going to the temple and looking round upon all things.

Later in this chapter, Jesus will curse a fig tree that has no fruit, cast out the moneychangers in the temple, and refusing to answer the insincere questions of the religious leaders. All of this expresses His authority.

As we read that Jesus “looked round about upon all things,” I think that was a look of One who is over all things, knows all things, and sees all things. It made me think that Jesus still looks round about upon all things. He knows about my life, about my thoughts, and about my needs and my fears. 

As God, He sees both the evil and the good. Because of His work on the cross, He does not see my sin. It is forgiven through faith in Him, but He does see my heart. He knows when I love Him. He hurts and grieves when I does love Him as I should. He knows my needs and thinks countless thoughts about me His child. He knows the needs of all people and wants them all to come to Him.

What a blessing to know we have a Saviour who knows all things. May we rest in His love and His gaze, and may we strive to see others and the world more like He does every day.

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