Jesus’ Work Goes On – Acts 1

The former treatise have I made, O Theophilus, of all that Jesus began both to do and teach,” — Acts 1:1

Jesus is no longer here on this earth physically. Acts 1:9 tells us that He was received up into heaven. Yet, the doing and teaching ministry of Jesus continues. It did not come to end when He left. That is what Acts 1:1 implies when it says that Luke’s former treatise (the Book of Luke) was about all that Jesus began to do and teach.

How is Jesus still at work in our world if He is not here? Through His church of course. He left His disciples on this earth and gave His Holy Spirit to empower then, and through them, Jesus is working in the world.

And that work continues through Christ’s disciple’s today. Amazingly, we have the privilege to serve the Lord Jesus. As we obey His commands and allow His Spirit to empower us, He works through us and with us!

Jesus wants to do things and teach things, but we must yield ourselves to His Spirit. Will you let Him work through you? Will you let Him speak through You? What a privilege to be the Lord’s servants!

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