King of the Jews – Matt 2

Two chapters into Matthew’s gospel, it is quite obvious that God’s agenda for this book is to show that Jesus is the Coming and Promised Messiah, the King of the Jews. In chapter one, we read about Jesus being “the son of David [the King]” and we find a genealogy that clearly traced Jesus’ legal father, Joseph back to David and Abraham. 

Now in chapter two, we are find Jesus’ birth causing foreign wise men to come a great distance to worship Him and give Him gifts fit for a king. His birth also upset the fake king, “Herod the king,” and all his supporters in Jerusalem(v.3). Herod was not from David’s line. He was a descendent of Esau and so unqualified to be king. He fakes interest but only to try to eliminate this one who “is born King of the Jews.”

Another thing to note in Matthew 2 is the number of times we find references to Old Testament prophecies (v.5,15,17,23). This establishes the fact that Jesus who was born of Mary was beginning to fulfil all that was written of Him in the Old Testament. Finally, we see divine intervention happy many times through angels and dreams, which is evidence of God’s approval and protection over Jesus.

The message is coming through loud and clear. Jesus is the King. Jesus is the Christ. Jesus is the Promised and Chosen One. Jesus has been sent by God. Let all people wisely come and worship Him. Only fools like Herod would seek to destroy Him or take His place.

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