Let Heaven and Earth Praise the Lord – Ps 148

All things in heaven are called upon to praise the Lord (v.1-4). The reason is because He has created all things simply by a decree from His mouth (v.5-6). The power of the Lord to create all that is with His Word is something that should certainly prompt our highest praise!

All things on earth are called upon to praise the Lord (v.7-12) because of His excellent name, His glory that is above the earth and heaven, and the way He has exalted the people of Israel and come near them (v.13-14). The work God did for Israel was not just for them; it was to make them channels of His blessing to the whole earth (Gen 12:1-3). When Christ, the Messiah, came, it was not just as the Saviour of Israel, but as the Saviour of the world.

As we meditate on how God has created all things by the word of His mouth and how He has worked in Israel and through Israel to bring salvation to the world, we should stop and praise Him. He is worthy! And we should live a live of praise to God in all that we do.

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