Let the Lord Fight for You – Ps 140

Opposition from wicked people was normal for David, and it is something that every Christian must accept as normal as well. So many times, David prays for protection from his enemies, highlighting the fact that he continually faced them.

In this Psalm, he speak of their mischievous plans (v.2), their sharpened and poisonous tongues (v.3), their wicked hands (v.4) and their secret snares (v.5). They really had it out for him, and, within this context, David calls upon the Lord.

  • He prays for deliverance and protection (v.1-5).
  • He asks for the Lord to hear him (v.6).
  • He acknowledges that the Lord is the strength of his salvation and the One who has protected his head previously in the day of battle (v.7).
  • He prays that the wicked won’t be successful so that they are not even more proud (v.8).
  • He prays that God will return to them the evil they have done to others (v.9-11).
  • He is confident that the Lord will look out for the afflicted and the poor (humble) (v.12).
  • And he intends to praise the Lord for all that He will do (v.13).

So, when we face opposition and trouble. When we feel oppressed, opposed and attacked by others, we need to take it all to the Lord in prayer. We need to do this over and over again, as we see David and others doing in the Psalms. We need to trust the Lord with justice and vengeance and not take matters into our own hands. We need to let the Lord fight for us, and trust Him with the outcome. Through it all, we need to just pray, trust the Lord, desire justice, and humbly be determined to praise the Lord whatever the outcome.

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