Light for Those in Darkness – Isa 9

The Northern Kingdom of Israel was in serious trouble. They were facing very dark days, days of oppression, war and corruption (v.1-5). The people were proud and refused to seek the Lord (v.9-13). The leaders were dishonest and corrupt (v.14-16). As a result, God would bring judgment on their wickedness (v.17-21).

But out of the darkness of this judgment and in the place where oppression would be the greatest – ‘Galilee of the nations (Gentiles)’ – God’s great light of deliverance would shine (v.2). He would mulitply them; give them joy, freedom and peace (v.3-5). It would be all made possible through a child that would be born – of course speaking of Jesus Christ coming into the world.

As a result of Christ’s coming, there will be truth, power, order, justice and peace. He will make it all happen. And it began at the cross and will continue at the return of Christ.

What a message of hope this must have been in those dark days of impending oppression. What a message of hope it is to us today as we realise there is a Prince of Peace who has already come to bring peace with God and who will eventually bring peace on earth at His return!

What darkness do you face? What oppression do you labour under? What battles are you fighting? What inner turmoil and fear haunt you? Look to Jesus Christ, the Child that was born, the Son who was given. Let Him be your Wonderful Counsellor, your Mighty God, your Evelasting Father, and Your Prince of Peace. Let Him rule in your heart today!

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