The Lord Shall Fight for You (Exodus 14)

Exodus 14:14 The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.

God did the impossible for Israel. He delivered them from the hands of the most powerful nation on earth – Egypt! But shortly after being set free they faced another impossible situation. Now they are sandwiched between a great sea and the Egyptian army with nowhere to turn!

Once again, they are in a situation in which only God can deliver them. Rather than look to the Lord for deliverance, the people grow afraid and regret that they ever left Egypt. They said, “It would have been better to stay in slavery in Egypt than die in the wilderness.

Moses turns around and rebukes their fear. He tells them that the Lord is going to save them and do a work for them and on the Egyptians that will bring Him great honour. And that is exactly what He does.

How often do we forget what God has done in the past and develop thoughts of fear and doubt! The God who saved us out of one impossible situation and can save us out of another. God delights in doing the impossible. And God uses these great deliverances as a way to get honour and glory.

So if you between a rock and a hard place with nowhere to turn. Don’t be afraid. Look to the Lord. He is able. And He wants to get Him some honour from working in and through this situation in your life.

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