Magnifying Against the Lord – Jer 48

In Jeremiah 48, God pronounces judgment on the nation of Moab. This came because…

  • They trusted in their works and treasures (v.7).
  • They were complacent about their sin (v.11).
  • They worshipped false gods (v.13).
  • They magnified themselves against the Lord (v.26,42).
  • They were very proud (v.29).

It seems that year after year, they did their own thing, went their own way, and grew more and more proud, haughty, and lifted up in their own eyes.

They did not care what God thought. They actually magnified themselves against the Lord, worshipping false Gods, trusting in their own might and wealth. As a result, God was bringing serious judgment on them.

How are we making similar mistakes to Moab? Are we thinking we don’t need God? Are we trusting in ourselves and our abilities? Are we complacent about sin? May God help us to see from Moab how foolish this is!

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