My Meditation all the Day – Ps 119:57-112

Again, we read how the Word of God was central to the Psalmist daily life.

  • Even though he was robbed by the wicked, but he still had God’s law and arose at midnight to give thanks (v.61-62).
  • Affliction reminded him to keep God’s Word (v.67).
  • When proud people forged a lie against him, he kept looking to God’s Word (v.69-70).
  • He felt God’s law was more valuable than thousands of gold and silver (v.72).
  • God’s Word is settled forever in heaven – it never changes (v.89).
  • He loved God’s law and meditated on it all day long (v.97).
  • It made him wiser than his enemies, gave him more understanding than his teachers and the ancient people (v.98-100).
  • It was sweeter than honey to his mouth (v.103).
  • God’s Word was a lamp to his feet and light to his path giving him guidance at every turn (v.105).

Our experience and opinion of God’s Word may not be the same as the Psalmist here. We may not love it like he does or find it helping us at all times like he did, but it can become like honey to our mouth and our constant source of encouragement.

May we get into the Word of God, meditate on it constantly, and the more we read it, think about it, and obey it, the more we will love it.

Psalm 119:97 MEM. O how love I thy law! It is my meditation all the day.

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