Never Forget the Lord God – Eze 24

After many years of prophecies, the fateful day came when the King of Babylon came against Jerusalem. Like a cooking pot filled with impurities, the sin of Judah came floating to the surface. The only thing that could be done with them was for them to be poured out.

The shock of Jerusalem’s fall, especially the sanctuary of the Lord, would leave them speechless (v.21). This sanctuary was as precious to them as Ezekiel’s wife was to Him. His wife would actually die that evening and he was told to not mourn or cry as a sign to them of how tragic and speechless they would be over the fall of Jerusalem (v.19-24).

Through all of this, God said that they would come to know that He is the Lord God (v.24,27). The real reason for all of the judgment and chastisement was that they had forgotten the Lord. They forgot who He was, what He had done, and how important He was. This amnesia led them into all sorts of sin and suffering.

The same is true for us. Every day, we need to be reminded of who God is. We need to remember that He is the great and powerful Lord God, that He has created us, died for us, and saved us. If we don’t meditate deeply on who He is, our hearts will be awed by idols and led astray.

May we love and praise the Lord today. May He be our desire. May He capture our hearts and may we give Him the glory He deserves.

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