Not Able to Bear All His Words – Amos 7

Despite repeated warnings, the people of Israel refused to repent. Judgment was going to fall. It was just a matter of how they would be judged. First God showed Amos a vision of locust, which Amos asked the Lord to not bring on the land (v.1-3). Then God showed him a vision of fire, which the Lord again decided not to do after Amos prayed (v.4-6). Finally, God brought out a plumbline and said he would judge with the sword all who were not upright (v.7-9).

Listening to these prophecies and words of judgment from Amos was Amaziah, the main priest in Israel. He was not one bit happy. He told the king that Amos was conspiring against him and that the land is “not able to bear all his words.” He told Amaziah to run back home and prophesy for bread there (implying he was only in this for the money) (v.10-13).

Amos refuted Amaziah’s accusations by informing him that he did not seek out this calling. It was God who chose him while he was gathering fruit and herding sheep. God’s would indeed do what He said and it would bring great suffering to Amaziah and his family!


  1. When God’s judgment comes, it will be final, fatal, and crushing. It should strike fear in our hearts and cause us to cry out in mercy.
  2. God will change His mind about our punishment if we will change ours about our sin. God “repents” when we repent.
  3. We should pray for mercy for others as Amos does. We should intercede on their behalf and warn them of judgment to come.
  4. When we deliver God’s words, people will not like it and will accuses us of all sorts of things.
  5. Despite the resistance, God wants His men to be faithful to preach His Word and to warn the people.

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