Nothing Is Hidden – Eze 8

Fourteen months after his first vision of God, Ezekiel is given another vision. In this vision, God transports Ezekiel to Jerusalem to see the sin of the people.

He is brought to the temple where an idol has been set up (“image of jealousy” v.3) and the leaders of the people and the priests are worshipping false gods and the sun.

They were saying that, “The Lord seeth us not; the Lord hath forsaken the earth.” (v.12) Yet that was definitely not true because God is revealing to Ezekiel what was going on behind closed doors.

There is an idea that says that you can do whatever you want behind closed doors as long as no one gets hurt. But when we sin, even if no one else knows, God is hurt. God created the whole earth. He gave us our lives, and what we do with our lives is very important to Him.

He is watching. He sees what we do. He knows what we think and what we say. And one day, we will give an account to Him. This reality should motivate us to repent and turn to Christ and then live in the power of the Spirit each day.

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