Only the Lord Can Deliver – Isa 15-16

After prophesying God’s judgment on Babylon (13:1-14:27) and Philistia (14:28-32), Isaiah turns to Moab (Isa 15-16). Moab was an nation east of the Dead that had been a persistent enemy of Israel. Now, through Assyria, God was going to judge them. This judgment would bring great suffering and cause them to weep and mourn (15:1-4).

The main reason for God’s judgment on them was once again pride. Isaiah 16:6 says this, “We have heard of the pride of Moab; he is very proud: Even of his haughtiness, and his pride, and his wrath: But his lies shall not be so.” One source of their pride seems to have been the fruitfulness of their fields and vineyards (see 16:8-10). But like all the proud, God promised to humble them and resist them.

Sadly, in their time of distress, they remained unwilling to turn to God. Instead of fleeing to God’s people in Jerusalem (Zion 16:1), they fled to Edom (Zoar 15:5). If they had gone to Jerusalem, they would have had God’s protection (16:1-5).

This pictures the need for all people in all times to look to God for salvation. He makes provision for our deliverance through His Son Jesus. He would have done this in Moab’s day. He did this through the cross. And He will do this in the future end time judgment. All people, Jew, Moabite, any person, can find salvation through work and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:16).

Moab’s only hope was God’s Son, just as our only hope is God’s Son. Look to the Lord Jesus today. Only He can save. Only He can rescue. Only He can deliver!

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