Praise our Righteous and Gracious King – Isa 11-12

After talking about the sin of the nations of Israel and Assyria and the resulting chastisement and judgment (v.10), we read in Isaiah 11-12 of a new kingdom, set up in Israel by David’s descendant, the Messiah. He will rule in righteousness (11:1-5) and He will bring peace to the whole earth (11:6-16). This kingdom will involve a reversal of the curse even among the animal kingdom (v.6-9). The whole earth will be filled with the knowldge of the Lord (v.9). The remnant of both Israel and Judah will be regathered and Gentile nations will seek the Messiah (v.10-16).

Jesus is most certainly the Messiah and the root of Jesse that comes forth out of the line of David (Rev 22:16). But the fulfillment of all these aspect of His kingdom has not happened yet. It will come in the end when He sets up His kingdom and rules and reigns for a thousand years (Rev 20:1-5).

The focus of our devotion is on the attitude of the people of the kingdom which should be our attitude as well (Isaiah 12).

  • v.1 They will praise the Lord for turning back His anger and comforting them.
  • v.2 They will proclaim that God is their salvation, the One they are trusting and the One who has taken away their fear. They will find in God their strength and son.
  • v.3 They will draw water out of the wells of salvation.
  • v.4 They will continue praising the Lord, encouraging all people to call upon Him, declaring His doings and making mention of His name.
  • v.5-6 They will sing about what He has done and shout about His greatness.

This is the attitude of those who are living under the rule of the Messiah, and it should be our attitude as well. We should be praising the Lord, telling others of what He has done, and finding great joy and peace in our King. We look forward to the literal fulfillment of these promises, but we also can enjoy the promise of them and the knowledge that He has already conquered sin and hell for those who trust in Him!

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