Rejoice Not – Hosea 9

God’s assessment of Israel was dire. I have a feeling that the way they viewed their society was far different from the way He viewed it. They were engaging in all sorts of “liberated” practices such as idolatry, drunkenness, partying, and sexual “freedom”. They were “enjoying” all the excesses of the pagan nations who didn’t care what God thought.

But all was not free, good, or joyful. As a matter of fact, their life apart from God would eventually be their downfall. It would corrupt their joy (v.1), their satisfaction (v.2), their home (v.3), their worship (v.4), their prosperity (v.6), and their glory (v.11).

The worship of Baal, which involved all sorts of immoral practices to bring about the fertility of the land (which in an agricultural society was crucial to general prosperity), would eventually destroy all their fertility. They would no longer be able to have children (v.11-14). They would no longer have the love and protection of God like a husband who puts his wife away (v.15).

Instead of prospering, they would dry up and bear no more fruit (v.16). They would wander among the nations. (v.17).

I cannot help but see similarities with all men. We think that life without God and God’s “rules” will bring freedom and joy. But instead, as we reject God, we end up empty, broken, and fruitless. Real joy is found in God and seeking Him first.

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