Remember God In All You Do – Ecc 11:7-12:14

The conclusion of Ecclesiastes is amazing. It sums up how we should live in light of the futility of man’s achievements and man’s wisdom. God through challenges us to remember a few things:

  1. Remember that life is short and death is long (11:7-8). Each day we live in ‘the light’ is a gift from God. Even if we live many years and rejoice in them all, death is coming for all of us. Not only is death long; it is forever.
  2. Remember that God will judge all that we do (11:9-10). All people, especially the young, should enjoy their life and be cheerful. They should walk in the ways of their heart and sight of their eyes, but only in so far as they know that their decisions please the Lord. God will judge all we do, so we should do our best to please him and as a result sorrow and evil will be put away from us.
  3. Remember our Creator in the days of our youth (12:1-7). Before we get old, each of us needs to remember who made us and live for Him. One day, old age and feebleness will come upon us. One day, we will not be able to serve Him. One day, it will be too late. So today is the day. Remember God today. Please Him; life for Him; honour Him today!
  4. Remember life without God is empty, vain and meaningless (12:8). This verse repeats the theme of the book – life under the sun, without God, is empty. It is all vanity.
  5. Remember that no wisdom or knowledge can surpass the fear of God and obedience to Him (12:9-14). What Solomon writes is the height of wisdom. It is acceptable and true. It is designed to motivate and be a foundational truth in our lives. People will keep on writing books. Must study will just weary the flesh. The main focus of our life should be to fear God and keep His commands, because He will judge every work and every secret thing and thought.

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