Seek the Lord Before – Zeph 2

They say that hindsight is 2020. It really doesn’t take too much intelligence to know the right decision later, but it does take wisdom to make the right decision before.

In Zephaniah 2, God tells people to come together and to seek Him before the day of the Lord’s anger comes upon them (v.3). He says three times in v.2 “before.”

They have been warned of judgment in chapter 1, and now they are told to seek the Lord. God goes on in verses 4-15 to speak to other nations and warn them to repent before the day of judgment as well.

When do you seek to the Lord? Do you wait until it’s too late? Do you wait until you are being chastened or in trouble? Or do you seek the Lord before?

May God help us to hear His Word and response in obedience and faith before we see what God foretells.

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