Shepherd Who Feed Themselves – Eze 34

Shepherd and sheep were a common sight in Bible times. They provided an excellent illustration of leadership and following. In Ezekiel 34, God condemns the leaders of Israel for their poor shepherding.

They used the sheep for their own ends, growing fat from their meat and warm from their wool. Yet, they did not feed the sheep, protect them, or care for those who were hurting, diseased, or lost. As a result of their poor leadership, the sheep were preyed on by wild beasts and destroyed.

God promised to deal with these selfish shepherds and to take direct care of His flock. He said He would search for them, regather them, feed them, and protect them. No doubt this is what Jesus was referring to He said He is the good shepherd who gives His life for the sheep (John 10). Also, there are future implications about the regathering of Jews into Israel and the return of Christ to rule and reign.

The challenge for us to consider is:

  • What kind of shepherds are we? Do we use the positions of leadership that God gives us for our own ends or for the good of others around us?
  • Do we feed, protect, visit, and love those under our care? Or do we allow them to be scattered and ravaged by wild beasts?
  • Do we point people to the Chief Shepherd, Jesus, the One Who is the Shepherd and Bishop of souls? Only, He can truly protect, save, and satisfy. All other “shepherds” will fail.

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