So Were the Churches Established – Acts 16

And so were the churches established in the faith, and increased in number daily.” — Acts 16:5  

Every Christian should desire that churches be established in the faith and increase in number daily. In Acts 16, we see some things that we must do, if we desire this to be a reality today:

  1. Involve others in the work of God – Paul recruited Timothy to go with him (v.3).
  2. Do all we can to not offend others – Timothy was circumcised so as to not offend the Jews unnecessarily (v.3).
  3. Keep teaching and sharing truth – They delivered the decrees of the Apostles (v.4).
  4. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as He opens and closes doors (v.6-9).
  5. Immediately obey the Lord’s leading (v.10).
  6. Preach the gospel and disciples those that respond (v.10-15).
  7. Expect and endure opposition (v.16-24).
  8. Give thanks in everything – They sang praise to God in a prison at midnight after being beaten (v.25).
  9. Realise that God often works in unconventional ways – The prison jailer and his family got saved (v.26-34).
  10. Be bold – Paul was a man of great boldness and courage (v.35-40).

What a great list of things for us to consider as we desire to spread the gospel. May God help us to learn and follow the example of the Apostles here as we serve the Lord.

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