Spiritual Adultery – Isa 57

Unfaithfulness. Adultery. This is how God described Israel’s sin.

Their relationship with Him was like a marriage, one that involved a covenant of love. When they pursued other gods, it was like cheating on God.

In their day, some idol worship at involved acts of fornication. So there is a literal sense in which they were unfaithful, but there is also a spiritual sense. As they worshipped these false gods, they were being unfaithful to God.

If we could only see how serious our sin is to God. When we worship and care more about things and people other than God, we are committing spiritually adultery.

May God forgive us of loving, serving, and worshipping false gods and idols, whatever forme they may take. May we repent of such unfaithfulness and come back with a pure and dedicated heart to our loving Lord and God.

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