Still Proud – Jer 41-43

Judah went through great destruction at the hands of Babylon. Over and over, they were told that it was due to their sin and unwillingness to follow the Lord.

You would think they would have been deeply humbled and willing to begin listening to the Lord again. Yet, that does not seem to be so.

After the soldiers and armies withdrew from the land, there was still a hard-heartedness among the people. The ruler of the people and many of his associates were murdered by Ishmael, who was of the royal line (Jer 41).

In the wake of this insurrection, the people gathered around Jeremiah, pleading with him to pray for them and seek the Lord for them (Jer 42). Jeremiah proceeded to give the people clear instructions from the Lord, but despite their promises to the contrary, they rebelled against them and went the other way (Jer 43). The Bible calls them ‘proud men’ in Jer 43:2.

It is very proud to hear what God says and then disobey it. It is very proud to disregard those who try to speak God’s Word to us. Yes, we do this all the time.

May God give us a humble heart, to listen to the Lord and to obey what is written in His Word.

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