Sure Promises – Jer 31

On the cusp of captivity and destruction, God reveals His new covenant with Israel. He lets them know that His lovingkindness will not fail. The sun and moon will cease to exist before God does not come through on His promises to Israel. These promises include forgiveness of sin, the fullness of the Spirit as well as promises about the land, the city, and the kingdom.

Because God will no doubt fulfil His promises to Israel, we can rest in God’s promises to us. We get in on many of the spiritual blessings of the new covenant, but we also find great comfort in how faithful God was to Israel.

Nothing can stop His love and His grace. He makes promises and will not change. And we rest on the sure promises of God.

How shaky is your faith? Are you wavering and wandering? Or are you resting in the sure promises of the Lord?

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