The Authority of God’s Word – Jer 36

Jeremiah 36 is a fascinating chapter that tells of Jeremiah and his scribe writing the prophecies God gave him on a scroll and reading to the people and the king. We see various responses to the scroll ranging from fear and humility to anger and burning the scroll.

From this chapter, we learn that God wants His Word made available to as many people as possible, which is why the writing, copying, and rewriting process was so important.

We also learn that God’s Word will always be met with varying reactions. It’s a message of absolute authority often grates against the pride of man.

How do we respond to God’s Word? Do we respond in fear and humility or anger and rejection? Ignoring and rejecting God’s Word does not make it go away, it just places us on the wrong side of God’s Word. King Jehoiakim learned that the hard way (read Jer 36:29-32).

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