The Bridegroom Is With Us – Matt 9

Today, my family and I are headed to a wedding between two fine young people. It will be a joyful time, not a time of sadness or mourning.

In Matthew 9:14, John the Baptist’s disciples questioned why Jesus’ disciples did not fast like they and the Pharisees did. Jesus told them that wedding guests (“children of the bridechamber”) cannot mourn and fast while the bridegroom is with them. In other words, Jesus said, “You were fasting and praying, waiting on Me, but now I am here and it is time to rejoice!”

Throughout this chapter and really throughout history, there have been two primary reactions to Jesus – either joy (9:8,31), obedience (9:9), and faith (9:2,22,28) or doubt (9:3), criticism (9:11) and accusation (9:34).

Others continue to mourn and fast, continually getting ready and going through religious ceremonies, not realising that Jesus has come and is with all who believe.

The Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the King of Israel, the Saviour of the World, has come. Let us rejoice and share the good news!

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