The Day of Small Things – Zech 4

When things are getting starting and when things are small, people often despise, question, and criticise the viability of the endeavour. That was the situation in Zechariah 4. As Zerubbabel led the people to rebuild the temple, some were comparing their temple with the one Solomon built (Haggai 2:4) and others were saying this temple is small and will amount to nothing.

Maybe you can identify. You have tried to do something for the Lord and others mocked and criticised. You look at it yourself and feel that it doesn’t seem significant. You may have even quit or considering quitting.

God’s message to us is, “Don’t despise the day of small things.” If God has called you to do something, then it is significant because of who He is. Furthermore, the work of God is not done by your might or power, but by the endless power of the spirit (v.6).

God wants the whole world to know who He is and that He uses humble men to do His will (v.9). He wants us to be witnesses of what God can do through our surrendered lives.

Are you discouraged by your feeble attempts? Don’t be. Let the Holy Spirit fill you and attempt great things for God, knowing that for a long time what you are doing may seem small.

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