The Father Hath Not Left Me Alone – John 8

And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him.” — John 8:29

Earth seemed like a lonely place for Jesus. He had no home. While He was on earth, He was not understood by his family. His disciples followed Him, but for most of His ministry, they struggled to understand who He was or what His purpose was. And Jesus’ own people, the Jews, did not receive Him. Instead, they grew increasingly hostile and critical of Him.

Yet, Jesus was not lonely. One was with Him at all times – the Father. Jesus may have humbled Himself, took on flesh and dwelt among men, but the Father was always with Him and never left Him alone. Furthermore, Jesus lived His life to please the Father. Though it appeared that Jesus was walking a lonely path, He was very conscious of the Father’s presence, the Father’s witness, and the Father’s will.

Jesus models for us how we should live. We should live each day in tune with our Father. Aware that He is with us by His Holy Spirit. Finding comfort and peace in His presence. Concerned with doing the things that please Him.

What a blessing for us who are God’s children to have His presence with us at all times! May He guide and direct and strengthen us each day, and may we delight to do those things that please Him!

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